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Freight Watchers savse large amounts of moneyWorld's Largest Appliance Parts Distributor -
"We have been working with Freight Watchers for many years now. Not only have they helped us save large amounts of money but also provided a much more efficient way of operating because of their incredible staff of knowledgeable and friendly employees. The Freight Watchers staff has always been available to help us solve any transportation related problem or challenge. While it may be difficult to believe Freight Watchers is able to lower your rates so significantly, I want to assure you they can! It was hard for us to believe our own people were not able to secure the same or similar pricing on the front side, the savings are there for your taking... no strings attached."

Over the last few years, our freight costs have actually been lowered, even factoring in the recent fuel surchargesA Leading Bowling Supply Distributor -
"We have been dealing with Freight Watchers for over ten years and we are extremely pleased with their pricing structure and level of service. Over the last few years, our freight costs have actually been lowered, even factoring in the recent fuel surcharges. The level of service we receive is unmatched compared to any other freight company with which I have ever dealt. If, by some chance, a problem does arise, it is fixed in a timely and professional manner. Any company would benefit from adding Freight Watchers to their shipping team."

A Worldwide Provider of Information Management -
"Freight Watchers, Inc. has been our 3rd Party Logistics provider for 8 years. In addition to the tremendous transportation savings we have a more efficient operations platform. We are able to train numerous associates to perform shipping duties, select carriers based upon cost while at the same time decreasing our days in transit and provide better service to our customers. The staff at Freight Watchers, Inc. is highly trained and knowledgeable, quickly reacting to our changing needs for a broad range of transportation methods, and offer us the best choices. With Freight Watchers, Inc. we have reduced our shipping costs and are also taking ownership and reducing cost of inbound products. The shipments are managed to destination with Freight Watchers, Inc. establishing a standard delivery protocol with our daily customers. Freight Watchers, Inc. pre-audits every bill prior to our receiving the invoice from them for which we write one check weekly. Our accounting office also has access to the web site to assure them proper distribution of internal charges.

We have benefited greatly from our relationship with Freight Watchers, Inc. and will continue to grow this relationship. We happily recommend Freight Watchers, Inc. "

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